Camilla likes to disguise herself as a shy kitty, but her thinly veiled invisibility cloak (aka, the blanket she likes to hide under) is all that is stopping her from showing off her wonderfully affectionate nature – once she is out of hiding, this little lady is a TOTAL cuddle bug!

She prefers a soft approach, but once she has sussed you out and realises that you are there to give her pats, she will become your best friend VERY quickly.

The quickest way to Camilla’s heart is through gently scratching her back near her tail (AKA – butt scratches) – once you give her the butt scratches, she turns into a purr machine and her shyness melts away.

You may notice that her eye looks a little different – we believe this is the result of a cat flu infection she likely had as a kitten that was never treated. She has seen a special vet who has determined that it is thankfully not causing her any pain, but she will always look a little special.

Camilla would be best suited to an adult only home, and at this stage we believe she would like to be the only furry friend in her forever home.

Age · 1 year 8 months

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Shelter arrival date · 4 Apr 2023

Microchip · 956000016306592

Tag · 615204

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