Bubby Girl

Looking for a foster home (or Foster with view to adopt)

Bubby girl (bubs) is a little bit stressed and not acting herself in the shelter environment. Bubs likes plenty of affection and attention from her humans and the more comfortable she becomes in a new home, the more she will show you just how lovely she is. She will sit up on the couch or bed with you snoring away. She is looking for an indoor only home with no young children, as she is moving into her senior years and appreciates a calm, quiet home.

She is looking for a foster home with no other pets, and a stress-free environment. A view to adopt would be ideal, however we know Bubby girl isn’t coping in the shelter so a temporary foster home would be okay. When she does become overly stressed, her gastrointestinal issues may flare up. Bubby girl’s weight will also need to be managed as she does suffer from arthritis and being overweight puts strain on her joint. We have started her on cartrophen injections. After her initial course she will likely need an injection every 1-3 months ongoing.

Tag · 613706

Age · 10 years 4 months

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000014667705

Status · foster only

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