Beautiful Bojack isn’t quite as big of a horse, but with those long lanky legs, he’s pretty darn close!!!

His original owners were told by their breeder that he was a Jack Russel x Staffy, but one look at this boy will make it very clear that he is anything but! Our staff’s best guess is that he is a Bull Arab x Great Dane.

Although we aren’t 100% sure about his breed, what we are sure of is that he is a totally gorgeous, big, boisterous puppy who thinks he is a lap dog, and is looking for a forever home who can help him become the best boy that he can be!

He is quite a silly billy, and needs to learn some manners. He will throw his entire body weight at you when he is excited and is quite strong on the lead, so he is looking for a home that is experienced and confident with handling large breed dogs. For this reason he would be best suited to living in a home with dog-savvy kids over the age of 10.

He would benefit greatly from some professional training, and would love to attend doggy school so he can continue to learn how to interact positively with other dogs as he can be quite rude and overbearing around them. For this reason he would need to be the only dog in his home (at least for the time being) so that he can learn how to be a good boy and make friends in a calm manner.

One thing that is important to note about Bojack is that he has the tendency to be a bit of an escape artist in the past, and showed our staff how clever he is at opening doors – so his forever family will have to be conscious of keeping their home well secured so that he doesn’t take himself on adventures while you aren’t home. He has started on a small dose of an anti-anxiety medication with us as we believe his escapism is related to separation anxiety, and we have seen some great improvements in his behaviour already.

Bojack is practically still a puppy, at only 1 year old he has his whole life ahead of him, and can’t wait to find the perfect family who will give him the second chance he deserves.

Tag · 33868

Age · 1 year

Gender · Male

Breed · Bull Arab x

Microchip · 956000014969195

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