Beautiful Blueberry has spent the last 10 weeks raising her adorable berry bunch and is finally ready to retire her motherly duties and find her very own happily ever after.

Blueberry is such a sweet, darling girl. She can be a bit shy to begin with, but who can blame her! She started off her life as a stray who gave birth to her babies on the streets, so everything is still very new to her, and she is learning how to let her guard down and trust humans in her own time.

She has really come out of her shell in the past few weeks and has shown us her super playful side!

She loves food, and feeding her yummy treats is the quickest way to her heart! Especially dine creamy treats and cooked chicken – these are by far her favourites.

Blueberry is looking for a home where she will be spoilt rotten and treated like the pampered princess she is. After a rough start to life, she deserves only the very best!

As she has the tendency to be a little timid, she would need to live in an adult only home (or with respectful teenage children), safely indoors. We think she’d be happiest as the only kitty in her home – at least for the time being so she has all the space she needs to become a confident, happy kitty in her very own forever home.

Tag · 614398

Age · 1 year 2 months

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000014967592

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