Little miss Bippity is a gooooorgeous lady who was simply TERRIFIED when she came into our care in a trap 10 months ago.

She has come an incredibly long way with her confidence, and when she is relaxed, she is a total sweetie pie – but she still has her hissy moments when she is unsure, so she is searching for an experienced home who understands cat body language. She is a naughty tortie after all and may always be a little sassy!

Don’t get us wrong, though, this little purr machine is a total SMOOCHER. She just uses her paws a little too enthusiastically sometimes with her signature “Bippity Baps” – she means no harm by these and her claws are never out, it’s just a special and quirky thing that makes her unique!

Bippity is looking for a special, kind and patient home who will allow her everything she needs to adjust in a new environment. This will include setting up a “base camp” for her, AKA a bedroom/spare room/study that can serve as a half-way house for the first few weeks and potentially beyond until she fully settled into her new home and knows she is safe enough to venture out and explore her new palace!

Bippity would prefer a home with adults only or with respectful teenage children. She is still a work in progress, but we have seen glimpses of how truly beautiful and sweet she can be, and we know there is so much more of her personality just waiting to shine. We do know that she is a total character and will keep her future family well and truly entertained with her quirky antics!

Bippity isn’t quite sure how she feels about other cats. Sometimes she loves them, but it takes her a little while to adjust to them – she could possibly share her future home with a fellow kitty with the right introduction.

Tag · 614366

Age · 1 year 4 months

Gender · Female

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000012974973

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