Big Ted

Looking for Foster Care

Big Ted has quite the story to tell, this boy has lived a lot of lives!

He spent nearly an entire decade fending for himself on the streets as a stray, scavenging for scraps and seeking shelter wherever he could from the harsh elements. When he was first rescued, he was very fearful. He had never experienced the warmth of a cosy bed, the kindness of a human or the guarantee of food in his tummy each day. Slowly but surely his confidence began to grow, and he realised he LOVED the luxury of indoor life!

In Big Ted’s first foster home, he lived with people of all ages (including toddlers who he gets along famously with!) other cats and dogs, and he was friendly with absolutely everyone. He is one of those very special one-of-a-kind kitties who wins the heart of every single person who meets him.

Big Ted is now looking for another foster home (or ideally a foster home with the intent to adopt) so that we can provide him with all the care and TLC he needs to help him regain his health. Big Ted is not like other cats, he is special in more ways than one! We aren’t quite sure why, but he is a bit wobbly on his feet, (our cat staff say that he often looks like he’s drunk!) He has also been experiencing some toileting troubles (inability to urinate), and we believe this to be connected to a neurological issue rather than standard FLUTD, so we are closely monitoring his urination habits and hoping to come up with a specialised treatment plan once we understand more about his condition. He is otherwise a happy, sweet boy with a lifetime’s worth of love to give!

For this reason, Beautiful Big Ted’s foster carer will need to live within a reasonable distance of our shelter so that they are able to transport him to vet appointments at our shelter vet clinic.

After so many years of living rough, our wonderful Ted deserves only the very best love and care, and he can’t wait to find the family who will give him the life he’s always dreamed of!

Tag · 614464

Age · 10 years 1 month

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000013340844

Status · Looking for foster care

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