Big Buddy

Oh, beautiful Buddy, how we love you!

Unfortunately this is the third time this gorgeous boy has been in our care at AAPS, and as happy as we were to see him, we are hoping and praying that his true –forever– home is just on the horizon.

Although he is 10 years old, he most certainly doesn’t act like a senior. He is playful, loving, quirky, active, strong and has bursts of energy like a pup! He would be a fantastic family dog – due to his strength and size he would be best suited to living with kids 10 and older.

His size can be difficult to determine from photos, so please note that Mr Buddy is just over 26kg – he may look like a little scruffy dog, but he is larger than he looks!

The most important thing to note about Buddy is that he is a human-oriented dog. He’s not interested in being around other dogs or animals, as they make him feel incredibly uncomfortable and nervous. Buddy has had some history of altercations with other dogs, and his new family will have to understand that he will never be comfortable around them.

Buddy is looking for a peaceful, calm and gentle home who can accept him for who he is and ensure that he is kept safely away from other dogs, which may include taking him for walks at off-peak hours and avoiding densely populated environments where one may encounter loose leash dogs. He does absolutely love to run around in wide open spaces, and would love a big backyard to frolic in. At the end of the day, as long as he has his human, he will be the happiest boy in the world.

Buddy can sometimes lack confidence, and will become stressed in unfamiliar environments which he will show by pulling on his leash and vocalising. Buddy has had quite a lot of inconsistency in his life for the past few years, so he may not “settle in” immediately. His new family will need to be patient and understanding while he adjusts to new environments, and he will show his gratitude with so much love in return.

Our dream for Buddy is to find a home with one or two special people who wish to have a companion, a true side-kick who will be loyal to him for the rest of his retirement years and give him the forever that he truly deserves.

Tag · 32958

Age · 10 years 3 months

Gender · Male

Breed · Wolfhound x Terrier

Microchip · 982000190970669

Status · Available

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