Benny is a super sweet senior boy who is looking for a quiet and loving retirement home to relax for the rest of his days!

He thinks he is the centre of the universe (for good reason, he is INCREDIBLY cute!) and can take a while to adjust to fellow puppy dog friends, so if he is to have a fellow fur-sibling in his forever home ideally he/she will be an independent/chilled out fellow senior.

Benny has a little cough, and out vet teams are still in the process of determining it’s cause – for this reason, he is looking for a foster-to-adopt home that will administer some medications daily and drive him to our shelter vet when necessary for follow up appointments until we get his sore throat managed.

He would love a quiet home with a fellow senior person who could spend a lot of time with him and keep him company. He loves being with his people and can fret a little when left alone, but he has had a lot of big scary changes in his life in the past few months so we can’t blame him.

All he needs is a cosy spot next to his human on the couch, some patience and plenty of love, and he will be a content little man.

Tag · 33067

Age · 15 years

Gender · Male

Breed · Toy Poodle

Microchip · 982009106162334

Status · Foster-to-adopt

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