Are you looking for a best mate who is full of energy, super playful, clever and bucket loads of fun? Benji is your man!

He’s not the kind of cat who will snooze the entire day away, – this dude wants to explore, he’s on a mission to conquer the world!

Some have described Benji as being a little “too much” for them, but we know that for the right family, Benji will be just puuurfect.

Benji needs a home with a cat savvy family, who understand that he needs plenty of stimulation, enrichment, interaction and playtime to keep him happy – a family who aren’t too concerned if he sometimes climbs up the bookshelf, claws the curtains/couches or knocks things off the table!

He would absolutely love a home with a netted catio or enclosure to safely explore the great outdoors, as this boy would be likely to roam too far and get lost if he is allowed unrestricted outdoor access. He may be the kind of cat that would like to be harness trained in the future so he can explore a little further from his kingdom safely.

He needs a family who have a lot of time to spend with him, as he get stressed when left alone for long periods. He’s not all that fond of feline company, so he would like to be the only cat in his forever home.

Benji needs a family that can keep up with him! Do you have what it takes?

Tag · 614227

Age · 1 years 9 months

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000012184709

Status · Available

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