Little Bella is a sweet girl who needs some TLC, patience and kindness to help her come out of her shell and become the confident little doggy she wants to be.

When Bella came into our care, it was clear she is quite fearful and anxious in new environments. She is looking for a dog-savvy home who will provide her with the environment she needs to thrive. Her ideal home will be adult only, and a home that is predominantly very quiet and calm without other pets.

Bella has a history of severe anxiety around children, so it is important that she is not made to be around children in her future home. She has also tested negatively with most dogs, and needs to be gradually socialised and introduced to other calm and friendly dogs in low pressure environments to build her confidence. She has shown some positive engagement with another dog a similar breed and energy level as herself, so if her future family had family friends with other small dogs for her to meet, this would be ideal for Bella.

She is currently on some anxiety medication and suffers from luxating patella’s which we are still investigating and may require more medical or surgical intervention – so she will be foster-to-adopt until our vet team develop a tailored plan for her legs going forward.

Tag · 33782

Age · 3 years 11 months

Gender · Female

Breed · Maltese Shih-Tzu

Microchip · 956000011118428

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