Bean is a super special boy who is looking for an extra loving and attentive home.

He most certainly lives up to his name! He is an incredibly cute and super playful boy who will soak up aaaaall the attention he possible can! He loves investigating new toys and will provide hours of entertainment to his future family with his adorable antics. He can get a little over-excited when he is playing sometimes and has a tendency to be a little chompy when he is riled up, (as shown in the gellery below!) but redirecting to a toy will help him learn to use his chompers appropriately. When he does get over-stimulated, the proper kitty etiquette is to allow him some time to de-compress – after this he will be back to his ultra-smoochy self in no time!

Bean was born with a condition called juvenile dental disease which has already had an impact on his tooth and gum health. Anyone who has had a toothache knows just how painful this can be, so it is important that Bean’s family are willing to do everything they can to actively prevent further dental issues from arising.

Bean will need to have his teeth brushed daily in order to prevent the build-up of plaque which eventually will cause decay and painful problems for his teethies down the track. This process is a fabulous bonding exercise – what better way to start your day than to brush your teeth with your cat every morning!

We will provide his family with all the information and tools required to ensure that they are set up for dental -hygiene success and can provide ongoing advice as needed.

Bean would like a home where he can be indoors with his humans, and in a home where someone is home as much as possible to keep him company. He could live with gentle, cat savvy kids and maybe even a fellow furry friend as long as they are introduced appropriately.

Tag · 614451

Age · 1 year 6 months

Gender · Male

Breed · DSH

Microchip · 956000015926587

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