Artie & Georgina


Artie and Georgina are an incredibly special pair of kittens who have already endured so much in their short lives.

They were born with a rare condition called eyelid agenesis, which means that their eyelids are not formed properly. This can cause a lot of pain, discomfort and damage to their eyes, and if left untreated may lead to impaired vision and blindness. Luckily for these little ones, they came into care here at AAPS and will receive surgical correction on their eyelids, which will overwhelmingly improve their quality of life!

They will be foster -to-adopt until they have recovered from this procedure and will require a loving home that will transport them to and from their vet appointments until they are given the all-clear!

Their journey isn’t quite over yet, and they will require a few more follow up visits to our vet and the specialist before they are completely cleared for adoption – so at this stage these cuties will be foster-to-adopt.

Even though they have had a bit of a rough start, these kittens are just like any other! SUPER smoochy, intensely fluffy with the most adorable teeny tiny purrs, this little pair is just to die for!

They would prefer a home with grown up/respectful children and may be happy to share their home with another furry friend if introduced correctly.

Tag · 614404 & 614406

Age · 12 weeks

Gender · Female

Breed · DMH

Microchip · 956000015829666 + 956000015825984

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