Meet Arlo, a beautiful, well-mannered boy when his needs are met.

Arlo loves to play fetch and would love a big backyard to run around in. He can find big open public spaces with lots of other dogs very overwhelming, so he would be best suited to walking on leash in low stress environments. He would benefit from enrichment activities and ideally be home often with multiple people to interact with.

Arlo experiences separation anxiety when he is left home alone, so his adopter will need to be experienced with dogs with anxiety and willing to put effort into his recovery and rehabilitation. He has previously been on medications to manage his anxiety, and we may decide to restart a medication to help him feel calmer and more balanced.

Arlo enjoys meeting new doggies in controlled environments. He can sometimes be a little loud and rude on the leash when he sees hid dog friends on a walk, but can play nicely off lead with the right playmate. Arlo’s recall is not always reliable, so he will require some further training if he is to be eventually let off lead in open spaces.

Arlo would benefit greatly working with a behaviourist/trainer ongoing to help him build his confidence.

Arlo has previously shared his home with children, and would be happy to live with little humans again as long as they respect his space and are comfortable living with a large and playful pup.

He is a very good boy, he just needs time, patience and commitment to helping him feel more settled. Arlo would benefit from living in a home where he is the only dog so all the attention can be on him!

Tag · 32899

Age · 4 years 4 months

Gender · Male

Breed · Staghound

Microchip · 956000010557263

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