George is an excitable and confident pup who loves to be around people. He is sociable but can be boisterous and lacking in impulse control, so he would be best suited to a family with kids aged 10 or older. George is very vocal and barks at times, although his bark is loud it isn’t constant.

George seems to settle into new environments quickly and confidently and is motivated by both food and human affection. He already knows the command ‘sit’ and responds well to corrections, though he can sometimes get easily distracted. George also loves his food enrichment and stimulation activities – they help keep him engaged!

When it comes to other dogs, George is socialized enough that he could potentially live with another friendly, medium-to-large sized dog, preferably female – however only if the other dog walks nicely on the lead already and the owners are committed to one-on-one training for George. If rehomed as a single dog, owners must also be committed to regular dog-to-dog socialization sessions. Lastly, George could possibly live with a dog-savvy cat as long as a slow introduction is done.

Age · 1 years

Gender · Male

Breed · Staffy x Border Collie

Shelter arrival date · 5 Nov 2023

Microchip · 956000016702318

Tag · 33237

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