Archer & Andy

Archer and Andy are the sweetest senior pair of super fancy kitties who have sadly had at least 3 homes in their lifetime.

At 15 years of age, these boys want nothing more than a safe, secure, loving and kind retirement home to spend the rest of their days in peace and surrounded by love.

They are very laid back kitties, and are happiest when they are curled up for a snooze on the couch next to you. They aren’t asking for much – just a calm and quiet environment with a family who love them. They prefer the company of mature people, but could with respectful teenage kids.

They love the company of their humans, and are very affectionate boys once they get to know you. They have never shared their home with fur-siblings other than each other, so they are looking for a home where they will be your only fur-children.

Being senior boys, they do come with some special features (aka, some health issues) that require special diets and some extra TLC. AAPS are offering a generous assist program that will provide a large amount of financial support in the form of heavily discounted vet and medication fees for 12 months after their adoption date to help their family as much as we can.

We know it is a big ask to take on a pair of elderly kitties, but these boys truly deserve a last chance at a “forever”, however long that forever may be. They are just as worthy of love as any other, and we know that there is a very special person/family out there that can give them the life they deserve.

Tag · 610095 + 094

Age · 15 years 1 month

Gender · Male

Breed · Birman

Microchip · 956000001286514 + 956000001286114

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